Collier Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is a leader in hydrogen and mixed fuel technologies applied to internal combustion engines for attainment of extremely low NOx, CO and NMHC emissions. CTI holds seven Patents with several others pending. CTI licenses and supports its technologies to major manufacturers and service companies. The Company’s expertise is in three major categories, mixed hydrogen/natural gas (HCNG), pure hydrogen, and onboard engine hydrogen and ammonia reformer technologies. CTI has demonstrated and independently verified their ability to meet heavy-duty emissions standards with 30% HCNG fuel mixtures in a variety of engines. The Company views HCNG as the logical pathway to building a hydrogen infrastructure for a future that also includes pure hydrogen engines and fuel cells. Their latest joint venture is with Hess Microgen and Daewoo Heavy Industries for the production of the new purpose built HCNG “city engine” targeted for metropolitan bus applications.