Natural Gas Reformer News
Collier Technologies, Inc recently licensed Hess Microgen, L.L.C., a leader in CHP applications, with their on-board natural gas reformer technology. This patented technology allows the natural gas supplied engines to operate in a lean burn mode on a 30% reformed hydrogen/natural gas mixture that meets the current low NOx emission requirements for California.

Hydrogen News
Collier Technologies, Inc has entered into an Intellectual Property licensing agreement with Lister- Petter Americas for pure hydrogen and propane ICE generator sets. This agreement gives Lister — Petter a global leadership position with hydrogen/propane dual fueled engines in the 5-30 kilowatt range.
Collier Technologies, Inc has been contracted to develop a pure Hydrogen engine for Lessman Racing. Lessman Racing will attempt to set a new land speed record using hydrogen as a fuel.
A Bridge Toward the Hydrogen Economy? CTI’s City Engine design operates on blend of hydrogen and CNG; targets heavy-duty fleet applications. Many experts agree that hydrogen is the energy source of the future.
Collier Technologies, Inc is a member of the National Hydrogen Association.

Heavy Duty Engine Development Program
CTI has partnered with Hess Microgen and Daewoo Heavy Industries to develop an 11 Liter HCNG fueled engine for heavy-duty transportation applications. The new engine will be built in the U.S. and will carry a new branded name. The HCNG engine will meet the 2007 EPA emissions standards today. The engine is being optimized for operation on the HCNG mixture, including redesigned and cast cylinder heads that allow a quiescent flow needed for hydrogen and HCNG operation. The engine calibration using a Woodward Engine Control (Unit OH.1) is currently underway at CTI facilities in Reno, Nevada. Engine certification will begin in the fall of 2004. Two transit authorities have committed to operate the engines beginning in 2004 in transit buses under DOE and ICAT programs.
Penn State Bus and Van Project
Collier Technologies, Inc has an award pending with the Penn State to repower a transit bus and convert a van for operation on HCNG.
City of Las Vegas Light Duty Vehicle Project
Collier Technologies, Inc. has an award pending with the City of Las Vegas and the Department of Energy to develop 9 each F-150 pickup truck kits for operation on 30% HCNG. These kits will be certified for operation in all 50 states. City of Las Vegas employees trained by Collier Technologies will convert and maintain these vehicles. The vehicles will refuel at the City of Las Vegas Public Works West Service Center.
Licensing Opportunities:
Collier Technologies, Inc. invites mobile and stationary engine manufactures to investigate licensing CTI technologies for increased efficiency, lower emissions and increased engine lives for their customers. Please contact for more information.

WARNING!Hydrogen simply added to natural gas without the use of Collier’s EGR and lean burn technologies increases the amount of NOx emissions. The more hydrogen added, the more NOx. Collier licenses patented technologies that significantly reduce the amount of NOx emissions relative to natural gas or gasoline alone.