Energy consciousness month has resulted in lots of discussions regarding energy related issues. Talk about sustainability, particularly focusing on clean energy technology, continues to be embarked upon from the Department of Energy (DOE). These exchanges are to address the clean energy technology market and also the effect of financing on clean energy. However, what do sustainability and clean technology have to do with energy consciousness?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Sustainability is described as policies and strategies that fulfil society’s current needs without compromising the capability of future generations to fulfil their very own needs. How does this tie into energy technology? The existing energy system is utilising a fuel based strategy. Clean energy technology targets renewable energy that will not possess a fuel which has the possibility to run out, like wind, geothermal, solar or tidal. Clean energy technology ties into sustainability by making a strategy for generating energy that’ll not merely work for present generations but generations to come.

Sustainability and clean energy technology tie into energy knowledge by indicating if you’re uninformed of where and how your energy will be created then how can you be certain that it’s going to remain around. How will you become conscious of your use, especially, your replaceable production and your effect on the environmental surroundings to eventually become sustainable?