There are many kinds of renewable energy sources that we can advantage of. Most people only know solar, and wind power, because these are the most common ones, and these get the most attention from the media. Although these two are very good and infinite power sources, there are so much more ways that we can harness power from the earth! The best thing in eco energy sources, is that if you use it correctly it does not only can give us a large amount power in a short time, but we can keep our earth safe as well. Because these system do not produce any dangerous byproducts, they do no harm our economy our us.

The most common energy source what is very popular nowadays is solar power. If you have seen any tech related magazine or TV show, or you are not blind, i am sure you have seen a solar collector or photovoltaic panels in other names called solar panels. The best thing in this is that the power from the sun is that is inexhaustible, as long as the sun shines. These system are connected to batteries, which get charged in the day time, so when even when the sun is not shining at night, it can still supply the right amount of power you need. You can save a lot of money with this technology!

Another very popular method of harnessing earths natural power is wind. Wind turbines harness air and convert that to real electrical power, with a generator what is inside them. To be efficient this has to be placed on a field where the wind blows a lot, you can find most of these turbines on Hungary, thanks to its plain fields and  great terraind for this technology!